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We want to offer an opportunity to build relationships, share experiences and work collaboratively across the retail landscape

- while keeping your identity as anonymous as you like!

In a fast paced high intensity retail world it’s important to feel supported and connected to those on similar journeys. 

We’re all facing the same challenges and we all have core brand values, so we can all utilise the same tools to enhance our performance and still drive a completely different offering and identity.

Our aim is to create a communal space to share stories, experience and perspectives - after all as they say, knowledge is power! This is the place and a safe space to share all our stories, tips and advice.


Together we can build a stronger more resilient retail environment. 

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We would also love to hear from you about any topics you would want to be discussed, topics you want us to cover and any tips & tricks of the trade you'd like us to share!

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