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Comp Shop Support £950

Knowing where your business sits in the retail landscape is vital to success, from understanding how you compare to your competitors to nailing down your USP.


We will provide a clear and concise expert view on exactly where your company sits in the market and how to scale and expand your product range.


A comp shop will give you a key understanding of your customer profile and where else they are shopping, helping to benchmark current ranges and inspire future lines

So if you're time poor or needing an expert view on where your business sits in the retail market or how your product assortment compares to other business offering similar products, we can help you.

Our Comp Shop package includes - 

1x 60 min video or phone call to explore and identify your specific needs and focus e.g. price or product assortment

Once we have identified your USP we will together decide which key area to focus on, such as price, trend, or range width or depth.

We will produce and provide a comp shop report with our key findings

1x 60 min video or phone call 2 weeks later to follow up with a comprehensive report with in-depth recommendations for your business 

At the end of these sessions you will have an understanding of…

  1. Your brand positioning in the retail landscape

  2. Clarity on your business mission and product USP

  3. Key competitors; new and established 

  4. The 6 P’s; People, Place, Products, Packaging, Price & Promotions

Q & A

How do I know if this is the right package for me?

Why is this an important report to have?

This report will help you to understand where you sit in the market and identify opportunities that could be worth exploring to stay in line with your sector. Keeping a close eye on your competitors is crucial to getting ahead. We will compile all these ideas into one report and discuss with you actions to take to help you stay on top of your competitive market place.

Can I select the retailers I want analysed?

Of course, we will tailor the report to your needs. All of the objectives for the Comp Shop report will be discussed and outlined in our first call. If there is anything in particular you want us to focus on we can make sure this is included in our report. This is your chance to have two experienced retail minds focussing on your opportunities for growth and how to stay relevant within the retail landscape

What if I have further questions?

If you have any further question do contact us on We are always happy to stay in contact with our clients after the project is over, it's important to us to see you grow and develop.

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